This site is under construction!

Digitizing Literature is an evolving research project. I have been accepted to attend DHSI this summer to re-conceptualize and re-create the editions. My objective in enrolling in this course is to discover ways to better leverage the affordances of a digital platform and to move away from the print-based model that the site follows currently. Stay tuned for more details in late summer 2016!


Welcoming Classic Literature into the Contemporary, Digital World!

Digitizing Literature is a collection of digital editions devoted to moving classic poetry & prose onto the world wide web in a scholarly and exploratory manner. This digital anthology began as a final project for a manuscript & print culture graduate studies course and has developed into a professional forum for exploring & examining great literary works. Digitizing Literature was created with the purpose of providing undergraduate students with a comprehensive and critical resources on some of the greatest works of Romantic literature written by women.  The works as they appear on this blog have been thoroughly annotated by a literary scholar, and are meant to be read alongside biographical material on the author as well as appendix materials that act as supplements the primary text.

There are two ways to navigate through Digitizing Literature:

  1. Pages: the pages located at the top of the screen allow you to read specific types of information on an author, work or topic.  I recommend this method if you are looking for very specific information or are more interested in the contextual material.
  2. Categories: the categories on the righthand column allow you to take advantage of the “digital edition” approach.  As mentioned earlier, each work has been surrounded with biographical and contextual material, and this method places all of these features in one place.  I highly recommend this method if you are examining a certain work or doing academic research.

Happy Reading!

This blog focuses on female, British, Romantic authors of prose & poetry. 

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