Brief Creator & Editor Biography

2b20d4bLindsey Seatter ( is a doctoral student  in the department of English at U Victoria. Studying the British Romantic period, Lindsey’s work focuses on female writers and in the past she has conducted detailed studies on works by Anna Barbauld, Mary Shelley, and Jane Austen. Lindsey completed her Master’s degree at the Simon Fraser U, where she developed an open-access, critical, digital anthology of short Romantic works by female writers with the aim of assisting undergraduate students in literary studies. Lindsey’s doctoral research is focused on exploring the patterns across Austen’s print and manuscript novels. Using distant and digital methods, Lindsey’s research interrogates the evolution of Austen’s narrative style and how these changes reflect the shifting social structures of Regency-era Britain. Lindsey also works as a research assistant in the Electronic Textual Cultures Lab at U Victoria where she is focused on the development of the Renaissance Knowledge Network and researching social knowledge creation.

This anthology was catalyzed out of a final project for a Master’s class offered at the university in the fall of 2012 and has developed since then. This evolving, digital, anthology entitled “Digitizing Literature: lesser-known works by female writers in Britain’s Romantic age” was presented as Lindsey’s culminating Master’s project.

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