Individual Edition Objectives

Jane Austen’s “The History of England” Edition

  1. Showcase “The History of England” as a parody
  2. Discuss the unique qualities of the watercolour portraits included in the original manuscript
  3. Explore theories of affect in handwritten documents/manuscript works

Anna Letitia Barbauld’s “Letter from Grimalkin to Selima” Edition

  1. Bring critical attention to the works of an author that was highly popular in her day but has falling out of the public view today
  2. Provide an accessible and annotated version of “Letter from Grimalkin to Selima” because such a version is absent online
  3. Develop several contextual resources that address the theories, views, and practices of female education during the Romantic era

Felicia Hemans’ “The Image in Lava” Edition

  1. Draw attention to the geographical, physical space that informs Hemans’ poem by utilizing multiple medias to virtually create the places of Pompeii and Herculaneum
  2. Explore the particular historical, archeological, and artistic moment that Hemans’ poem is embedded in. Understand the poetry and responding to this particular cultural phenomenon
  3. Utilize the University of Victoria’s Special Collections and University Archives to showcase the original publication formats of “Image in Lava” and illuminate the various differences between them

Dorothy Wordsworth’s “The Grasmere Journal April – June 1802” Edition

  1. Create and privilege a readable (transcribed) and accessible (open-source) version of the full entries between April – June 1802 of “The Grasmere Journal”
  2. Present D. Wordsworth as a notable writer in her own right — not as an appendage to W. Wordsworth
  3. Explore the intricacies and variations of editing D. Wordsworth through the lens of Eggert’s essay on edition’s and their inherent argumentation

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